Instead of our regular newsletter this week, we would like to share about a webinar we at Climake are holding with Unitus Capital on Tuesday, 15th March on Climate Finance, which builds on our recently published report on The State of Climate Finance in India 2022
+ fake snow and the Winter Olympics, implications of decarbonizing steel, water stress in consumer durables, oil & gas funding by a net-zero alliance
The Climake Newsletter offers quick digests and insights around what is happening in climate finance. While Climake’s current focus of work is…
+ The role of subsidies in climate action; electrification beyond EVs; insurance and climate-related natural disasters; the bullish EV market for India…
Global, Indian, and climate finance implications of COP26 + Introducing Climake
+ Limiting to 1.5°C warming; USD 1 trillion into solar; Climate tech funding boom in India; and everything COP26
+ carbon neutral travel destinations; EVs funding boom; the beef with beef; financing nature conservation
+ Introducing the MooLoo, e-methanol powered ships, climate tech funding in 2021, and the potential of India's new EV subsidies
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