CFI Newsletter: We are on COVID-19 pause

The Climate Finance Initiative Newsletter offers quick digests and insights around what is happening in climate finance. While the Climate Finance Initiative’s current focus of work is India-centric, we will capture a global perspective of climate finance in this newsletter on a fortnightly basis.


The 2nd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging India and it is almost a guarantee that by now, all of us India, have someone close and dear to us who has been affected by it. Your messaging platforms and social media feeds are likely filled with requests for help and support in the face of this overwhelming challenge.

As the nation tries to tackle this, as fighting COVID-19 becomes our priority, be it getting the care needed for patients, or getting vaccinated, Simmi and I felt it best to put this newsletter on pause for this edition at least, and perhaps the next based on how the situation is in the coming days.

Do take care and do stay safe.


Simmi Sareen and Shravan Shankar