+ fake snow and the Winter Olympics, implications of decarbonizing steel, water stress in consumer durables, oil & gas funding by a net-zero alliance
+ financing the EV revolution, insurance and worsening natural disasters, LEDs shining light, stock markets turning green, and CFI's 6-month roadmap
+ the incubation-growth gap in climate startups, net-zero trends, reducing temperature rises, and getting to 100 Billion
+ growing climate bonds, the struggles of DRE, subsidising renewable subsidies, and a finishing school for climate data analytics firms
We talk about opportunities and gaps in Climate Innovation Funding + There's two cool blueprints for us to build early-stage climate financing…
+ India's solar troubles (again), a green hydrogen future for India, climate smart credit ratings, and the climate cost of feeding the world
+ We celebrate a friend's success, targeting CO2 super emitters, a 3 degree world, and bridging the adaptation financing gap
A bi-weekly guide to insights and updates on the state of climate finance across the world
What are the key takeaways for India from the IPCC Report + what does the report mean for climate finance?
+ India's first SPAC is renewable, Reliance's net-zero shift, building 30 billion square metres, and low-carbon policies' impact on petrostates
+ zero energy investments in India, corporate renewable energy trends, what India's first solar InvIT offers
+ Big Oil's big climate shocks, IEA's Net Zero Roadmap, the failings of carbon offsets, and ecosystem restoration