Instead of our regular newsletter this week, we would like to share about a webinar we at Climake are holding with Unitus Capital on Tuesday, 15th March…
+ fake snow and the Winter Olympics, implications of decarbonizing steel, water stress in consumer durables, oil & gas funding by a net-zero alliance
The Climake Newsletter offers quick digests and insights around what is happening in climate finance. While Climake’s current focus of work is…
+ The role of subsidies in climate action; electrification beyond EVs; insurance and climate-related natural disasters; the bullish EV market for India…
Global, Indian, and climate finance implications of COP26 + Introducing Climake
+ Limiting to 1.5°C warming; USD 1 trillion into solar; Climate tech funding boom in India; and everything COP26
+ carbon neutral travel destinations; EVs funding boom; the beef with beef; financing nature conservation
+ Introducing the MooLoo, e-methanol powered ships, climate tech funding in 2021, and the potential of India's new EV subsidies
What are the key takeaways for India from the IPCC Report + what does the report mean for climate finance?
+ We celebrate a friend's success, targeting CO2 super emitters, a 3 degree world, and bridging the adaptation financing gap
+ Transitioning from coal, PE's return expectations on ESG, Raw material shocks for cleantech, and extinctions and disappearances
+ Big Oil's big climate shocks, IEA's Net Zero Roadmap, the failings of carbon offsets, and ecosystem restoration